How to Use the Amazon Seller App

In this video, I show you the Amazon Seller app and how to scan, research and price books.

So you just signed up your seller account that is awesome. The next step from here is to take advantage of the free app that Amazon provides their sellers. For android users go ahead and go to the Play Store for Apple users go to the App store and download the Amazon seller app or amazon seller central app, you’ll find it there, it’s not too hard to find. Once you download it, it will ask you for a bit of information about your store that you just signed up for and the seller account. Go ahead and enter that in and you are really good to go. But the reason why I’m making this video is, a lot of my viewers ask me, Lenny I got the app what do I do? Where do I get started? What does this all mean? So I’m going to quickly go through some examples specifically on scanning books to determine if this book is something you want to buy and resell on Amazon, so without further ado let’s go ahead and get started.

What’s up guys? It’s Lenny from SimonSaysResell. In this video I’m going to show you how to use the Amazon seller app, so you can get items listed on Amazon as soon as possible. Let’s get started.

So hopefully by now you’ve signed up for an amazon seller account and the next step from here is to take advantage of the free app that Amazon provides their sellers, and it doesn’t matter what kind of seller you are, whether you are an individual… how to scan books at least to show you the scanning capabilities of this app, and in general whether you’re scanning a book or a toy or whatever it is, the results that you’re going to get today are going to be very similar as far as the format, no matter what you scan but depending on the category of the item and depending on a few other things, that’s what you need to figure out, do I buy this or not but, I’m going to give you some quick tips today. I have about three or four books here to scan. Some or keepers some aren’t, so I’m going to show you the differences between the two, so let’s get started.

So once you down the app, you’re going to click on the Amazon seller app obviously. It’s going to open up into the amazon marketplace or storefront that you chose, there’s dot com, dot MX so on and so forth, but in this case I am going to dot com and when you first open it up, it’s going to show you a nice little dashboard of how many sales you’ve had so far today and, when your next payment is and how much that payment is going to be and, from there it really depends on what you’ll be doing in the app itself but for the most part today again, we’re going to be scanning.

So we’re going to be focusing on the scanning and searching for items, part of the app here. There are other features and bells and whistles to this app that I will be showing you in a later video, but today we are just going to be working on the scanning part of it.

So to get started, I’m going to pick a few books that I have right here. Alright, the first book I have here in my hand, so you click on the scan button, the scan button is going to open up the app as you can see, here’s my phone, go ahead and hold up the book with the barcode and it does a pretty good job at reading it as you can see, it picked it up pretty quickly.

Another cool feature, if I click on the top right there, where a little camera is, it opens up the camera again but what I wanted to show you was how intelligent this camera is on the Amazon app. So I flipped the book around to show you the cover of the book and if you give it a second, it actually picks up what kind of book it is just from the cover, that’s pretty cool. So I went ahead and did that to show you the results. Now notice how many results there are, there’s at least three. Now I’m going to click on that little camera again and do the barcode real quick to show you, you do get different results if you choose the barcode scan or the front of the book, because the barcode is a little more accurate as you can imagine has the actual UPC and the ISBN there for you. So it’s easier for the app and quicker for the app to find the results you’re looking for. When you actually view the front of the book, you kind of broaden the search for the app so it might take a little bit longer and it might show you a little more results, but in this case I want to show you kind of what’s going on.

So the book here is called “writers Inc.: the student handbook for writing and learning”. You see I have a couple of results here, which one do you choose? Well not going too into it in this video, I just want to kind of keep it short. I’m going to give you some quick highlights of what to look for and what this all means. So I have two results here, which one do I pick? One of the first thing you want to look for is make sure you have the right book. You’ll notice the books look almost identical as far as the titles go, so there’s probably two listings for this book, but there are some pretty interesting differences between the two. The titles’ the same for the most part, the author’s name is flipped around as you can see there, one is Patrick first his first name and then the second one has first name his last. Now they’re both paperbacks which is a good sign and then next you have these 91 new and used from a dollar on the top and then 240 new and used from a penny in the bottom.

What that means is the new and used number that’s how many other people are selling this book, so we call those offers. How many other offers are happening right now for this book?

Now generally you want to not jump into a pool of books or a book that has a lot of offers in it, 240 is quite a bit, I would probably stay away from that myself. I usually tend not to go over a hundred offers if I can stay away from that, so right away, the first listing looks pretty good for me; about 91 that’s still kind of high but it’s definitely less than 240. So that’s good. The information below that, the 137 that’s obviously the rating of the book itself, so it looks like it’s a pretty decent book, which is great. Below that you have a sales rank; now you’ll notice there’s a sales rank for both items, one is higher, one is lower. What is the sales rank? Not to go too into it now but basically you want to generally look at the lower sales rank. Lower sales rank is better, it ranges from 0 to listing, so let me click on it here. Once you do that, you’re going to see a couple of pieces of information that you already know about, for example, the title on top, the sales rank again and now you see the category of book; so you’re in the right place.

The ranking or the rating, on the top-right, a nice big picture of the book now. So very important guys, when you’re looking at books and you’re sourcing for books make sure that the picture matches the book. Now I have sold books that the stock image here doesn’t match mine, but when I scan it, it shows up the book that you see that may be different in the stock image. I mentioned it in the comments when I sold a book, sometimes it just a different edition or different version but generally it’s the same kind of book so just generally be careful with that.

Now you have two tabs here you see below. New and used. Obviously if you’re trying to sell a new book or a new item you would click on the new tab and go to the different steps I’ll show you, but when you guys are selling books like I do, I generally hang out in the used tab, because the used tab is pretty much more… we’re hanging out because I… mainly I am selling used books.

I kind of stay away from the new books, very rarely I’ll sell a new book because that’s something to be careful with guys. If you start selling new books you run to intellectual property issues and other issues with the publisher or the author. So, to be safe, stick with the used books for now, at least when you start off, once you get more experience then you can kind of figure out, if you want to go new or not so; so click on the new tab and that first row that starts with 518 low price, it gives you the lowest price over all, but it mainly starts off with FBA pricing.

Now another thing to kind of be careful with too is when you set this app up, I’ll show you at the end of this video how to set it up based on what fulfillment you’re doing. So again there’s fulfillment by Amazon FBA and there’s also a merchant fulfillment. By default these little settings, the results show up via FBA because I sell FBA, but if you do merchant you can change it to merchant and will show up a little differently, but bottom line is the lowest price is the lowest price FBA in the whole group of offers for example. Remember, I clicked on the 91 offers, so overall there’s 91 offers, give or take. So the first row, I’ll click on that, you’ll see it’s kind of cool. It shows you a breakdown based on what fulfillment you choose. So on the right my right tab is already pre-selected because I have FBA selected in the settings.

The lowest price that the other offer show is five dollars and eighteen cents and if I open up these Amazon fees will see the different fees that they take out, you know the pick and pack, the weight, the referral the variable closing, you really can’t get away from these fees, that’s just kind of how it is, but if you price things right and other stuff like that you’ll walk away with some money.

Now this book here is 518, shipping to amazon I estimated my shipping to thirty-five cents a pound. So right now it’s about thirty-nine cents for this book and the cost of purchase, let’s say I bought this book for a dollar, you just type in the dollar and hit done and then the calculation resets it for you so I’m under a dollar now, so that’s not good. So would I want to sell this book, I wouldn’t say no just yet because remember, it gave us the lowest price, that means that’s the lowest price someone selling it for on FBA. Now there’s a couple different approaches with pricing and I could do a whole another video on that. You can either try to undercut the lowest price which would be in this case if I set this for $4.99; I’d still be in the hole or I can match the price, I’ll still be in the hole at this point or I can go above the price and maybe price it for let’s say, I don’t know $7.99; and once that recalculates, we’ll see okay I’m in the positive side now, I’m a little over almost two dollars.

So the reason why I kind of mentioned that is you don’t always have to undercut the lowest, you don’t always have to match, you don’t always have to go above. You have the flexibility of setting your own price. So that’s the great thing about this whole system with this seller app here. If I click over to the seller fulfilled tab, you’ll notice things are a little different. The price of the book is four dollars in this case. The shipping credit is pretty much always $3.99 and the total price is the actual price that I mentioned before in the Amazon fulfilled, so it kind of matches that to show you the difference. So you’re actually selling the book for four dollars but they have to pay for shipping for $3.99 which totals $7.99, and you have some fees as well. Not as many but you have some fees but the real kicker with selling merchant, which is what the seller fulfilled is, you have the shipping credits to deal with. So there’s the shipping component that you have to deal with here in the listing that’s including the price. Whereas an FBA, it’s not included in the price; you get charged per pound, when you Ship to amazon, and plus when I switch back to seller fulfilled, shipping to customer. I usually put in four dollars, for example when someone buys a book in seller fulfil or merchant fulfilled. They’re actually paying $7.99, so they pay $4 for the book plus $3.99 for shipping. So you get in the sale $7.99 which is great. Now you got to ship the thing.

So let’s say it costs you two dollars and sixty cents to ship it. Now you go to subtract two dollars and sixty cents from that, plus the cost of your purchase which is a dollar and then you get whatever you get. So let’s say I take this out and I put two dollars and sixty cents. You see I get two dollars and 44 cents. So you’ll notice is, the customer gave me $3.99 for shipping, but it only cost me two dollars and sixty cents, so I actually get the difference as well. So you get more money in a sense however you have to think about the cost of purchase and things like that too.

So if I go back to Amazon, you’ll notice that if I ship merchant with the same price the same sell price I actually would make more money on merchant but, it is kind of difficult to keep at this type of business model or merchant because the other thing you’re paying for is you’re paying the time to actually pick pack and ship the books yourself when they sell and that’s the main difference between merchant fulfilled and amazon’s fulfilled, we’ll get into that in another video, but yes you might make more money on some sales like this with merchant, compared to FBA but there’s more time involved, there’s more supplies involved. You have to buy the tape, you have to buy the packaging, you have to physically go to the store and drop off the package to send the customer.

So, with seller merchant fulfilled you ship directly to the customer yourself, with Amazon fulfilled, Amazon ships it to the customer. So there’s a little bit of a difference there, but we’ll get to that later but overall would I buy this book if I was an FBA? Maybe, maybe because I still can make some money and another piece of this which I’m going to go to now is ok we know how much we can kind of get for the book depending on how much we charge for it.

Going on the bottom row here where it says non amazon. Non amazon means, amazon it’s themselves is not selling this book. Which is a good thing for you. Because if they are selling the book, they actually set the standard, the base price. So let’s say they were selling this for $4.99. You would probably have to list the book for under that to get a sale fairly quickly. If you list the book on amazon for above the amazon selling price, you might not sell as quickly.  So you got to be careful with that too, but the next one here shows, there’s 9 FBA offers so if you’re an FBA seller you got nine other people to compete with. You got 72 other people selling on merchant. So when you’re selling the FBA, you actually can focus solely on the other FBA offers and ignore the merchant offers for example.

So technically since I’m doing FBA myself I only have nine other people to compete with or to kind of see what their pricing is, so if you click on this row it’s really cool because it gives you a breakdown of all the offers. So at the very top, you’ll see a lot of lower prices there, but what do you notice at the very top listing there compared to the others. You’ll notice that there’s a little prime logo that means FBA, so that’s an FBA offer. So remember the lowest price was $5.18; well there it is. That’s the lowest FBA price. So if I’m an FBA seller and I want to make some money on this remember I listed mine for $7.99, I don’t have to scroll down and look for all those other FBA offers, and start seeing where the $7.99 my price starts from, so there’s one guy with $7.95 and let’s see if we have any more, we probably have some more. Here you go $8.99. So I can probably sell mine depending on the condition and things like that, because that does is a factor at least what I see is, I could probably sell this for $7.99 or even $8.99 depending on the condition and still make some money on it. So that’s kind of how you can judge to see how you want a price; if there’s something you want to buy to actually resell. There are other apps that I’ll be doing a video on, that are very similar to this app here. They’re not free but they give you more features to make a better and faster decision on whether you should sell a book or not, pretty cool stuff though.

So I’m going to back out of this guy and on the bottom left, I’m going to click on the scan button again, just put this book down here and one other book do I have? Okay I have another book, let me scan this book here. I’ll scan the barcode, there we go it’s picking it up. So this book here is “Electric day trading to win”. You’ll notice this little flag on top slow-moving ASIN. It’s kind of Amazon’s way of telling you this book doesn’t move that quickly, it doesn’t sell as quickly. I kind of ignore that flag because it doesn’t really matter to me. I merely look at the sales rank and the history and do my other research, but that’s just kind of what that means.

So this is another book, the authors there, it’s a hardcover which is true, it is a hardcover; 59 other offers total and starting at 32 cents and a decent rating and notice the sales rank. The sales rank is higher, now if you remember from my last book here, which is a better sales rank or which is one that is better for you I guess is a lower or higher sales rank? Well it’s going to be a lower sales rank, it’s better potentially. So the four million sales rank that means this book hasn’t sold in quite a while probably over 6-8 and maybe even over a year.

So I mean over six to eight months or a year or so. So right off the bat not a book that I would start digging into but just for the sake of the video, let’s dive in a little more. You got the book, you got the nice cover photo there. Let’s go to use, let’s go to low prices $4.31 Amazon, let’s say I bought this book for a dollar, here you go $1.39 in the whole there; if I pay that much for it, again I can raise the price if I wanted to which is great.

Seller fulfilled you know under two dollars or negative two dollars, if I go to Amazon, there’s no amazon sellers, sorry I’m going a little too fast. There’s no amazon sellers there, which is good let’s see how many FBA offers there are; there’s four them as I mentioned in the last little thing there. So one is $4.31 one is $4.35, another $4.35, so he match that price and there is one for $8.95; that’s a pretty big distance however, I don’t know what the condition is of that book, maybe it’s like new but I don’t know what the comments are, you really can’t see the comments in here. But in other apps you can click another and dive down deeper to see what the actual comments are and maybe it’s like new but maybe it has some writing in it or something, who knows what they are right? But not bad, $8.95, so if I went back here and did a $8.95 for the Amazon fulfilled, almost 3, 2 and a half dollars, not too bad. So that’s that book, you know I’m just showing you different variety of books. And also, let’s say you go back to the homepage here, let’s say you look for a book and it doesn’t have a barcode. What are you going to do is you go to sell a product and just type in the bar code here, the ISBN number on the back of the book, you’ll see an ISBN number. I’ll show you see the ISBN number up top, this might scan before I can show you; but that number up top is the ISBN number. You can just pop that in or scan the book like I just did.

So let me show you another book. I got two more books here really quick. This one is interesting, you’ll get a kick out of this. Those that like these two types of Niches, knitting for dogs. So some of these obscure bizarre books do very well as far as reselling and as far as making some money. So knitting for dogs, so we have two results here, one is restricted, now notice the difference between these two listings. One’s restricted mainly because it’s an eBook, so obviously ignore that; so the top one is the one we want.

Now this one’s a little different, it has something called buy box price. A buy box price is like the number one position on the actual listing on So that’s the cheapest price that someone is selling it for. So if I went to, looked up knitting for dogs a book and everything, I would probably see a sale price for $13.17 and that seller is winning the buy box, mean they’re in the number one spot, that’s kind of where you want to be most of the time if it makes sense, if it’s… you know, because sometimes let’s say I bought this book for $10 dollars for whatever reason and now the buy box $13.17; I probably won’t make any money. So it doesn’t always depend… it doesn’t depend on how much you bought the book for and how low the buy box is because sometimes it’s just not economical for you to get it.

So we have 94 other people. We have a sales rank of an 862,000 which is the lowest one we’ve seen so far. Let’s jump into this book here. Cheapest price is $8.85, there is six other offers. I’m just going to skip around to kind of the meat of this just to show you guys since you’ve already learned a little more before. So again all these listings here, these are all merchant listing. So you might wonder well if I’m a merchant how do I compete with all these people. It is a little tougher, I got to say that. It is a little tougher to do that, see with FBA there’s less people to compete with. So the cheapest is $8.85, couple there, an $8.95, then it goes higher $9.95, $10.25 $10.50. So let’s just kind of be conservative here and let’s say I sold this book like on average, since… I usually try to average the price out for the most part. So let’s say I did $9.99, let’s say I bought the book for a dollar, so make about $4.50 or $4.30. It’s not too bad for a book.

Now again you may think, oh four dollars isn’t that much or dollar isn’t that much and guys one thing you got to remember, with books it’s all about volume. Some people have a different business model than I do. I usually sell more about volume, so I’ll take the two three four five dollar sales, some people won’t; some people only focus on the ten or fifteen dollar or more sales which is great. They’re harder books to find so I have an enormous amount of books that I can sell for this price. So I usually am fine for this price, so that’s why it’s easier for me to sell this volume and over time you know make some pretty good money.

That’s this book and the last book I want to show you, it’s another interesting book. This is kind of one of the best books I have in this bunch. The complete guide to raising pet birds for-profit, interesting stuff. So you got the author, it’s a paperback which is true, only 35 people so on this book which is awesome. Starting at $37 and 10 cents, that is awesome. So ratings are amazing, the sales rank is over a million but hey I’ll take it because for me it’s under 2 million and it starts at $37. So let’s dive into this guy here. And go to used, so let’s see; yeah so we go ahead and go to use, I’m looking at… it says, the lowest price here is $78.97 and I didn’t see that before.

Let’s see, okay $37.10, so $37.10 is the lowest merchant price as you can see at the very top. Let me scroll down to here, so the lowest FBA offer is $78.97. Now you may think yourself how in the world would someone or why in the world would someone pay you know 30 or 40 dollars more for a book?

Honestly with FBA people do, because you get the extra bells and whistles if you’re a prime customer. They like the customer service, they trust that more so it does work to your advantage if your FBA and if I haven’t said it before, definitely start off with merchant if you’re not really sure where you want to go yet but, also shoot for FBA because you never know, you never know how successful you can be, and FBA is really really can turn out very well for you if you kind of do your research and learn from your mistakes, but also learn from your successes as well to kind of dig deeper into them and be more successful.

So here you go, you got a used book, and cheapest FBA is 78 dollars which is amazing. So would I buy this book? What do you think? Yeah, I’d buy this book. And good thing is, I already did buy it, sitting at my desk here. So I’ll probably list this book for just to show you kind of how I price it. I can undercut the lowest which is $78 prime or FBA or I can check out the other FBA offers, see it goes from $80 to $133; so if I want to make a very quick sale on this I can probably list this for $59 or $69 dollars and you probably sell quicker than if I matched at $78 or $80 or $90 or $133.

So that’s kind of how I determine my books. Now guys, I don’t usually use this app when I source books I’m just showing it to you because it’s free for those who are just starting up for FBA or just signing up for an individual merchant account; use it. When you go to a store next time even if it’s a target or Walmart, pop this app open, start scanning some books; just to get familiar with how it looks. Don’t go in there expecting to buy a bunch of books because it’s hard to find these books at Walmart and Target but you may find some toys.

If there’s a bar code on the back of the thing scan it. Just to see what it shows you, you never know, but I’m showing your books because that’s what I’m more familiar with and I have a lot of books to kind of demonstrate this with, so definitely something you want to do there.

The one last thing I want to show you which is extremely important, is if you go back to your homepage, the settings I wanted to show you, see if we click on the three little lines of the top left and you go to the little gear on the top right, and you go to where is it… product search, the second one down this is where you can figure the app itself based on what fulfillment method you’re going for. So you can choose a default fulfillment method like Amazon fulfilled or seller fulfilled. You can choose to show you know FBA low price or the all offer low price. The shipping to customer that is specifically for merchant. So if you are merchant seller, you can go ahead and type in something there.  The next section down is shipping to Amazon, that’s for FBA sellers like myself, so you would choose your costs there. So you might ask well how I know how much it costs by weight. Honestly what I used to do at first is, I used to put 65 cents just to kind of overshoot it a bunch, but once I started shipping to amazon, I was shipping only into their Charlotte Centre, which cost about 33 cents a pound, so I kind of rounded up or so 35 just to kind of play it safe.

And you got some other helpful things here, but that’s pretty much it guys I wanted to show you the app and hopefully you enjoyed this little tutorial and had a scan mainly. I will jump into another kind of video session on how to use more of this app itself to show you kind of how to use it and there’s more bells and whistles and maybe what you should or shouldn’t do because like I said before, if you’re a FBA merchant or if you’re a FBA seller, there are some sections in here that pertain to that type of fulfillment and seller, but if you are merchant, there’s some that don’t. So I’ll get into that later and again I really hope you enjoy this and thanks for watching.

Well there they you go guys. Really simple right? So go ahead and download the app, go ahead and get started, go ahead and leave a comment if you have any questions, hit like button if you enjoyed the video and don’t forget to subscribe because there’s tons of other videos coming up on how to get started on amazon. I really appreciate the time. Thank you so much for watching and until next time keep on reselling. Thanks.