My first 2 months selling on Amazon

Hello All,

Please check out this pre-intro video to explain what to look forward too as far the video series that I will creating about selling on Amazon. You can also view the text version of the video post below.

Hi everyone. My name is Lenny. Welcome to SimonSaysResell. I’m making this video more as a introductory or pre introduction video to a series of videos that I’ll be making very soon, really geared towards Amazon, FBA fulfillment and also merchant fulfillment. And if you’re not too sure what that means, I’ll definitely get into it with you guys but ultimately you know I started getting into the Amazon world as far as reselling things, mainly book and I guess, I got pretty good at it and I wanted to share my experiences, share my issues that I have along the way and help you guys out as much as I can. So think of this is more like a how to video series, strictly geared toward Amazon FBA now.

I first started off in merchant fulfillment with Amazon and did pretty well and then kind of did a little research and then got into fulfillment by Amazon and it’s been a pretty good ride. I started Amazon in general on November 11th of 2016 which isn’t that long ago and it’s fairly recent actually and then did merchant fulfillment for a while and then started to research more about FBA. I was a little hesitant at first because of having to put labels on each book to send it to Amazon and then actually standing a bulk of books to amazon, you know I thought about shipping all this other stuff. So I was a little scared at first but I did a lot more research, watched videos like this to get my confidence built up and learned a whole bunch. I have to say you know of my success and you’ll see the numbers pretty soon in this video just to kind of give you a snapshot but I learned everything that I know now from videos like this and that means a lot to me because I enjoy learning, I enjoy sharing the content that people do, like I’m doing that’s what I want to get involved and do that myself for you guys.

So again expect a series of videos strictly around amazon FBA and some merchant fulfillment because that’s kind of how I got started and I’m going to show you different topics like what equipment to get to do Amazon or merchant or both and what supplies you need? What to expect, you know some of the fees, some of the pricing, some of the do’s, some of the don’ts, what type of books to get, where to get them how to kind of build a business model in a way where you don’t have to be going to garage sales all the time. You hire people to do that and that’s what I have done. I have about a little over half a dozen people that are book sourcing for me as we speak and which doesn’t require me to go anywhere and it’s just great. So I have a lot of ideas about that this Amazon FBA business that I started and also you know had registered a business name, currently in the process of getting an LLC. You know what company did I use to do that and all those things as well but I also have been pretty interesting I guess visions on the horizon with all the stuff as well specifically where do I go now. I’m doing so well on Amazon, how far can I push this and I’m someone that… you know if I find something that either I’m good at or I understand and/or successful, I dig my teeth into it and I just, I go for it. So think of these videos as a series of how to help videos to help people like you who maybe are thinking about going to Amazon reselling or Amazon or may be thinking about… or maybe already in kind of a in bit of a rut and need a little help. You may just want some extra money, all this really is for me is passive income. You do a lot of the work up front but eventually you’re looking at your phone a couple of times a day and you just see those books fly off the shelves, per se and you’re just laughing all the way at the bank people always, books? Why do you sell books and they just don’t understand there’s a huge market there.

Books are very cheap to ship for the most part, very little returns because there’s no moving mechanical parts, they don’t expire per se so it’s a no brainer; why not books and I’ll be giving you a bunch of pro tips along the way, not that I consider myself a pro but I guess it’s just sounds kind of cool. Like for example you know how do I know what books to sell, I don’t know books to pick, what prices do I set them at? All that information, I’m going to give you. I’m going to make a series of videos specific to those topics so they are nice and organized. So if you need to something you just popped into that video, watch it, I’ll keep them as short as possible maybe on average about 8 to 10 minutes or so. I’ll do screenshots, I’ll do videos, screen sharing whatever I have to do to help you guys out. Please please comment if you have any questions specifically about amazon FBA or Amazon in general, selling on Amazon for example, ask away. Ask questions if you say hey Lenny can you do a video on what you did for this or how do I do that? You know maybe I don’t have a video on that yet, so I’ll create one very simple. So I’m also a newbie. I’m not a professional but I find that’s a bit of a a good thing and a bit of I guess… a plus and bonus for people that are starting off because yeah, I may not be doing this for past with that 10 years but I’m doing it right now and that’s when you’re doing it, not five years ago when maybe someone else started off, so they have their ways of doing things it probably hasn’t been that much different but Amazon changes the rules and regulations all the time, pricing is a little bit different, new apps come out. There’s tons of apps that I reviewed and picked one that I really like and there’s reasons for that and I’ll make a video just on that as well. There’s inventory software that does all my inventory, keep my accounting; besides the amazon one, you know there’s an amazon seller portal you can call it or seller central day that they call, that you pretty much see everything Amazon related to your sales and everything in there which is super awesome at it helps out a lot and it’s great to have but there’s that much of accounting piece to it. There may be a little more counting that you want to do, so then there’s another apps and there’s you know quick books and stuff like that which I can get into later. But ultimately this like a pre intro video to kind of get you guys pumped because I’m super pumped and I really want to help you guys out.

I also have just a few videos that I want to show.  I pre-recorded them, just to get the screenshot capture going so I am still trying to figure out what the best screen capture software is, but I am pretty technical person and I think I should be able to figure it out but I have some screen shots for you guys mainly showing you some of my sales. I’m very humble person, I don’t like to brag about myself but at least I wanna show you some kind of hard sales there to see kind of my success and my progression and so I’m not just you know thinking I’m some random guy doing the videos to get attention which I’m not. I’m just a normal guy, I have a wife, I have two little girls; one’s 7, one’s 4, I have another girl on the way, my wife is pregnant in April so we’re very excited about that. I live in Miami, I’m a senior IT network security engineer. I’ve been in IT for 20 years so I know computers, I know networking, I know security so I am a “techie”. I’m the tech guy of the family. I get calls all the time, hey Lenny can you fix this, hey Lenny can you fix that, of course you know why not. So I am very normal guy, very laid back, people call me reserve at times but my main job is a network security engineer. I also have a couple of part-time jobs where I’m an adjunct professor at some universities teaching IT related stuff. So I am busy but I have time to do videos like this because I really felt I wanted to give back to the community; my experiences, you know my downfalls and what not to do and I love helping people.

As an adjunct professor I teach students. I teach senior level courses at universities and I love it. I love talking to them, I help them out career vise. If anyone watching has an IT background or wants to get into IT, security or just regular IT like network administration or system admin, stuff like that. I’ll talk to you as much as you want. I can talk until you know my voice goes about career opportunities. I have over two dozen technical certifications, I have a master’s degree in management information systems with their concentration on information security. So technical yes, I also have some business background but again that’s just a little bit about me. I’ll get more into kind of where I was, where I came from kind of and how I started with Amazon, who I am now and who I want to be, but before I let you guys go, I record like two or three little videos of my sales so far and I’m recording this right now, it’s January 18th. I started this on November 11th; just keep that in mind. I started from November 11, 2016, I did merchant fulfillment, which means I fulfilled the products myself, I list them on Amazon but I fulfill them myself in my house with my own packaging and my own tape  and I physically go to the USPS store and ship them out. I did that from the 11th of November to about December 7th or 8th. About a month or so I did merchant fulfillment and then I actually stopped completely. I had about 300 books on Amazon store on December 8 and I really took all of them offline for a good reason. On December 8th I sold about 49 or so books on merchant fulfilled in a few weeks which is amazing so I started to see this is something I can probably do with working out I am getting it but then I looked at Amazon FBA you know what’s the big hype about it. People saying, we gotta do it, guys we got to do it. And the reason why I say that is because you don’t have to worry about shipping once it sells, you don’t have to worry about customer service, you don’t have to worry about all those little things that you had to worry about as a merchant.

Now don’t get me, merchant fulfillment was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I recommend may be doing that if you can first, that’s how I did it. Do merchant fulfilled first, get your feet wet, get familiar with the different processes and the platforms and kind of what the fees are and then jump in into FBA and I think that’s an easier transition then just maybe starting off FBA because there’s a huge learning curve. But again watching videos like this will help you with both sides, the merchant or fulfillment by Amazon. So where I was getting at is, I stopped I took all my inventory off around December 8 because I was looking at amazon FBA and I was comparing prices you know, a book sold on merchant I then compared that same book on FBA, I can sell that book for more money and make more net profit if I did FBA. So I was actually losing money, selling on merchant fulfillment for the most part I mean not like a huge amount but for some of my books I could have earned double the amount of money on amazon FBA. So I tried to sign up for amazon on the 10th of December but what I didn’t know until after I tried to sing up is, Amazon came up with the big message saying “If you haven’t shipped your first FBA shipment since October 16th or so you have to wait until December 19”, reason is because of the holidays, and the reason is because I’m a new seller. So they won’t allow new sellers to send their FBA shipments in if you don’t ship them in a certain time right around the holidays, that’s what happened to me; which was a good and bad thing and the graphs I’m going to show, you’ll find them pretty interesting, you will see a graph that starts off with my merchant fulfilled sales and then it just flat lines and then my amazon fulfillment sales which I am now and the flat line is me just taking everything offline and just cutting it off. That was a difficult decision to make to decide to do that, because I was doing so well with merchant I’m like wow, this is going pretty well now I got to take everything offline so I made all my products inactive, which takes them offline meaning they’re not sellable. They’re there in the catalog but they’re not going to be shown on the website.

So I did that mainly because I saw more potential with Amazon FBA and I took everything off, I waited between the 8th and the 19th of December, what I did was I grabbed every single book I possibly could whether it was a garage sale, thrift store or whatever Goodwill’s and I’ll go into all those places in separate videos. I hustled like crazy, asking people in my neighborhood for books, got as many books as I can. I even bought a pallet or they call gaylord of books that which is a huge pallet of books which I have pictures of to show you in a later video. So you could probably fit between eight to twelve hundred books in a pallet. I bought one of those just for the hell of it. I think I paid 200 bucks for it which thinking about it now is still a good deal but it’s actually, it was a kind of bust and that much of bust and I’ll explain why in a later video but I bought thousands of books or a thousand books or so and just kind of getting as many books as I could and I’ll explain that process, so I kind of was trying to get myself prepared for the 19th of December. So soon as that 19th, I was pretty much ready to go, I also between that time got all the supplies I needed for amazon FBA; you need a label maker for the product labels, to print out the shipping labels for the boxes, you need maybe some supplies that get stickers off the books and a scale, a postal scale that can hold… mine’s like a 110 pounds, I’ll give you guys a link to it later in another video but these are the little things you need, it wasn’t that much of the cost really, I mean and maybe some paper, it’s what they call draft paper to kind of crumble up and put the books so the books don’t flop around. So it wasn’t a whole lot of stuff but it was still expenses and you have to put that into the business, so there’s obviously cost but not that much. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to start doing this. I don’t want to say a price and how much you could actually… to start with amazon FBA or merchant fulfillment just yet because I don’t want to lead you guys down the wrong path but it’s not a lot at all. And there’s ways to kind of get things at discounted price and maybe cut some corners with some cost as well. For example I went to the dollar store and got a box full of the shipping envelopes, I don’t know what you call them, I have one upstairs I can get later for a dollar and I went to office depot and they were selling it for three dollars apiece or four dollars apiece so obviously I did pretty well there.

I took all my books offline, the 19th came around, I had my first order I sent probably like a hundred or so books the first time, took about two days to get to Charlotte which is one of their distribution centers and then about a week or so from that point is when I started seeing my items show up as active. Obviously before I ship the books, I list everything on amazon so they’re already there in their catalog, but they’re are not active yet. They’re not available to be sold until amazon receives them and sets them to active themselves. So there’s a whole process behind that I’ll explain it but jeez this all the stuff I’ve learned so quickly in such little time and that’s just the nature of me, I kind of have a passion for research, you know part of my job is research so I think I’m pretty good at it and I learned things pretty quickly. But I learned so much and how things worked that I am doing pretty well at it and again these series of videos are really ‘how to’ videos to kind of get you set up for amazon so I appreciate you guys tuning in and please you know leave some comments below, hit the like button if it is something you like and you want to hear more of and keep staying tuned for a second, I want to show you some videos, just some of my sales and kind of  interesting story of… it’s an interesting graph because one side you see merchant fulfilled, then you see a flat line and then you see Amazon fulfillment and my story kind of lines up based on that. And guys this is not  a scam, this is something that’s totally legit, something that is possible to do you know if you are student, if you’ve just lost a job, if you’re a single parent; if you have some spare time, this is something you totally can do. I have several books scouters that I’ve hired as independent contractors, some of them are single parents, some of them just lost their job, some of them are students and they’re doing pretty. I pay them for the books they get based on the app that I give them and they scan the book and the app basically tells them yes for no so I set up filters for them, there’s a whole process around it. So I don’t want to spoil too much but keep holding on I have a couple of videos to show you within this video. I’m just going to cut off of this and you’ll start seeing the videos and until next time and thank you again. My name is Lenny, you know SimonSaysResell. Resell those books, resell those things. I sell mainly books but I also sell toys and things that I find elsewhere but more on that later. Stay tuned for the videos.

Inner Video:

Hey Guys, so as promised i wanted to show you some stats of my sales. What’s interesting about this graph is, as I mentioned before I started on November 11 as you can see date starts there and it’s going up until today when I’m recording this video which is January 18 of 2017. As you can see from the graph on the bottom, it starts to climb a bit. You got some sales there and then it dips and it goes up and down; it kind of has a good ride there and then you notice here on the 8th it just stops and then it picks up again right around the 19th or so or the 20th or so and then it kind of winds up where I am now. This is a great graph because it actually shows you both my merchant fulfilled and my Amazon fulfilled kind of progress. Other graph here on the left, that is my merchant fulfilled, that’s kind of when I first started on the 11 when I said I did and then I kind of was learning the system, learning how to do things; this was all merchant fulfilled, if I try to do the graph again in a second I’ll try to see if I can focus on just merchant fulfilled. I think it’s about may be 35 or 40 sales within you know a few weeks, because that’s the first two weeks in December or that’s a few weeks in November sorry. Either way you can see that, I think I was doing pretty well based on being new to this and then what I did is I realized that you know FBA was a possibility. I was first a little hesitant because of the whole putting a label on each book and shipping and all that to Amazon. I really wasn’t familiar with it so I kind of started with merchant to kind of get my feet wet and then I did a lot more research and I realized this is something I could do.

So what I did is, I try to sign up for FBA but since I was a new seller and because I started on the 11th of November, I couldn’t send my FBA orders in because I was a new seller. They have restrictions and as you probably know this is right around the holidays so you know they basically said if you are a new seller and you haven’t shipped anything by October 16th or so you have to wait until December 19th. So I was in that window unfortunately so around the 8th here of December as you can see here, I made a decision to take all my inventory, I had about 300 books at that point, all of my inventory off of my amazon store fulfilling by merchant because I was getting sales but what I noticed is if I took off the inventory and waited until I can shift to Amazon I’d actually make more money because you can sell your prices a lot higher than the merchant fulfilled, because I was selling okay, I made you know five dollars here, twenty dollars there, you know 10 dollars here. This is net profit by the way, I actually can make a lot more if I did FBA so I made a business decision to stop, take everything offline and just wait.

So between the 8th and let’s say the 19th or so my main mission was just to collect books. Every book I can find, Goodwill’s thrift stores, garage sales everything like that, I went ahead and just hustled as much as I could and then on the 19th I was ready to go. I already had books kind of prepared. What I did between 8th and the 19th or so is I got all the equipment I needed for FBA and I’ll actually be doing a video on that or a couple of videos on kind of the supplies that you need, or the supplies that I got and kind of in general what you would need to help you guys out to kind of build this up and be successful. So this is a great graph to show you kind of what my adventure has been. On one side there is merchant and on the other there is FBA, you can see my sales have increased on the right or the number of units ordered has increased on the right for a few reasons. One, FBA does tend to sell a little bit faster than merchant from what I’ve seen. Two I had a lot more books in inventory by the 1st of the year and I’ll go into that later on in another video but here I only had about 300 books and on the other side I had at this point on the fourth would probably you know six, seven, eight hundred books. Right now on the 18th I have a little over 1,200 books and climbing.

So you can see the sales are going up, holidays did not help at all as you can see but things are looking good now. So as you can see 170 items sold since the very beginning so this is merchant and Amazon. I’m gonna see if I can find another graph here that shows you just my merchant fulfilled orders.

Ok so here’s another graph as you can see in the very top here, under fulfillment channel you have two options, you have seller which is merchant, you have amazon which is FBA and you have both which could both the first graph I showed you in the first kind of video was both to show you kind of both sides of the fence per se. This one’s very interesting, as you can see it’s under seller which means my merchant fulfillment and again start on the 11th or so and I had the total of 49 product sales for little over $1400 and average sales order was pretty high, $29 almost thirty dollars. Now the interesting thing about this is the books that I was selling were books that I found around my house you know, I am an IT guy, I am into security, so I had a lot of books in security and the IT kind of topic or genre and there were worth some pretty good money and they were fairly recent. I don’t know how much I paid for them but I wasn’t using them anymore, I didn’t need them anymore; ultimately who knows how much money I profited from them since I probably bought them from Amazon at one point or who knows where but I didn’t need them anymore, it’d be nice to get some money for them whether it’s you know more than I bought them for, or I break even or even if I lose some money, I wasn’t worried about it, I was kind of testing the waters with some decent books and this is kind of what happened.

This was definitely exciting for me. This was the moment where I was like maybe I’m doing something right here, maybe this is something that can work and this was strictly merchant fulfilled and I’ll go into a video separately on kind of what differences are between merchant and Amazon fulfilled but to kind of sum it up merchant fulfilled, what I had to do was I had to you know keep inventory in my house or wherever you want, storage facility but in this case it was my house and I would list the books I want to sell, list them just like it doesn’t matter if the FBA or merchant, you pretty much list them the same way with few minor details which I can get to later. Then you wait and once the item sells, you get an email, you get an alert and you have about 24 hours or so to fulfill that via merchant which is you and I didn’t have to pick the book off the shelf, make sure the book’s you know decent, has no papers in there that I may have missed from notes or something like that but ultimately the book is ready to go and I have to buy packing material which are the little envelopes. I’ll show you guys a picture of those later, I had to buy tape, I had to buy labels for the shipping and then had to physically go somewhere and drop it off or put in my mailbox and at first it was super exciting because you know I was actually doing something that looks like it was working but if you think about it, 49 times I had to go somewhere or maybe half of that because sometimes I would kind of wait to the end of the day and see how many sales I got, fulfilled those that night and the next morning on the way to work i would drop them off  at UPS Store or USPS store or somewhere I could pack mail that does all… a couple of the shipping services kind of an all-in-one type deal. So yeah it was super exciting but it was a lot of work.

If you think about it, I would be a work you know doing my primary job which is an IT security engineer and you know I will get email and text message notifications that oo I got a sale, I was super excited but then at the end of the day, I had 10 sale in one day and I was like this is awesome, but then I have to go home and fulfill them after a long day at work. It was exciting but also tough. It’s kind of bittersweet so I then looked more into FBA to kind of see if that’s the best next step and I decided to go that route but this is just I wanted to show you guys a good kind of example on how merchant fulfilled  works or at least can be  successful. And if those of you who really can’t do FBA for whatever reason that’s fine, I know people that just do strictly shipping merchant because they want to brand things a bit more. They don’t  just like the FBA because they do takeoff some fees for example FBA will take about you know forty percent of your sale for the most part so we can get into the numbers later but that’s kind of the downside of it. You have to pay bit of premium, however, what is included in that is a lot of the marketing, you already have a platform that millions and millions of people look at. So it’s kind of a no-brainer to go FBA plus you don’t have to worry about shipping, they handle the customer service. It’s great.

So merchant is as fantastic as well if that’s something you want to do. My recommendation to probably start off merchant first to see if you can do it and this is something you want to do. It will be a little tough in the beginning because you have to fill things yourself, there is a bit of a learning curve with FBA which I will get into its detail as I possibly can to help you guys kind of get to FBA and that’s kind of why I’m doing these series is to make sure you guys have the tools and at least the videos and who knows, I already have thoughts on making an e-book on everything step-by-step, you know all the different topics, things like that.

So I wanted to show you this real quick, my merchant experience and I’m going to stop the video here and kind of show you my just strictly FBA experience. Alright, now we are looking at the FBA fulfillment channel as far as my statistics go. As you can see the graph starts around, which should be I sent in my first batch on the 19th and it probably got there a couple days later. It usually takes about two days. What was interesting about this is when you fulfill by Amazon you ship it to one or multiple of their fulfillment centers or their distribution centers and fulfillment centers. I got lucky in the beginning because I was only sending to one. It’s kind of up to amazon for the most part as you kind of get your inventory ready to ship, they tell you where it should go to and luckily mine was going to I believe Charlotte. Some research that I did I don’t believe Charlotte is a fulfillment center for the most part, it’s more of a distribution center. So you ship to them in Charlotte and then they reship it somewhere else, which is interesting because it only takes about two days from where I am in Miami for it to get to Charlotte which is kind of fast in my opinion, ground but then you’re not ready yet or then you’re not ready to go yet. Your items aren’t active until they say it’s active. So what will happen is some of my inventory will get… almost it will get reshipped and then I have to wait longer. So they usually say once you ship it, to wait about 7 to 14 days until it becomes active which makes sense because reship all over the country for various reasons. They may want to just you know ship more books that are certain genre to some other fulfillment center because you know more books like that come out of that fulfillment center whatever the reason is, i don’t i know but all I do know is my stuff is reshipped and the cool thing about it that there is a way to tell from amazon in your amazon seller central site your portal what items are being shipped for the most part or reshipped and also when you make a sale and all your sales, there’s a way to look at all the warehouses they ship from. So all I  see is Charlotte but when I looked at my sales I had at least, I think my first 40 or 50 sales for Amazon FBA which you’re seeing here ship from at least 12 different warehouses which I had no idea they were even in until I ran that report. So I can do a video on that later if you guys want me to. But I just want to show you here my FBA experience since, you know let’s say I send everything out of the 19th, my first sale I think was on the 23rd or so. So since the 23rd of last year which again was not too long ago, this is what I’ve done. I’ve done over 2,200 dollars in sales so let me just opened up my calculator here real quick, sorry I didn’t have this ahead of time. So if I multiply that by sixty percent, I’m looking at about a little over 1300 dollars net profit from that, that I will get after all the FBA fees. Now there are some other fees of course that aren’t in that $1300 or so, there’s shipping to Amazon fees which is you know depending on, they do it by pound. So usually I think when I shipped to Charlotte I was getting charged thirty three cents a pound which isn’t terrible and also the cost of the book itself. The cost of item sold. So if I paid a dollar book and I sold a hundred and twenty one books, shave off 121 dollars off of that and that’s kinda how much I had left. So let’s say roughly two thousand dollars… sorry let’s roughly of the $1300, I will shave off you know $200 hours, so let’s say $1100 in profits so far give or take.

So you kind of get the idea but I’ll go into more on how to break up the  pricing and the fees and stuff like that but the product sales is overall sales,  you know that doesn’t mean that’s how much I made in my pocket and that’s how much I keep. Again there’s amazon fees, they’re shipping fees along with the amazon fees and there’s a cost of the actual item that you paid for. So it’s little complicated at first but it actually isn’t too difficult once you understand it and kind of do this for a little bit, and you actually get smarter along the way, you try to find books and whatever you’re selling cheaper, so you can make some money; you buy cheap and you sell high and it’s kind of how this deal really is.

But what I kind of get into with you guys as well is I want to show you, explain to you a little more about this process, kind of a little more about where I came from, again this is more just a pre introduction video. I know it’s a lot of information at first and I’m from a very humble person. I don’t like to brag and I’m not really bragging here. I’m just explaining what to look forward to I guess, if you maybe follow my steps or you know come up with your own steps. That’s perfectly fine too.

So I just wanted to show you this graph real quick so you get an idea of the FBA side of things. Alright, in this last and final graph I just wanted to show you a month, a date graph and statistics of my sales since the first of the year and remember how I explained or tried to or maybe still have to explain it is, I started amazon FBA 19th of December, that’s when I sent out my first shipment which was I think maybe a 150 books or so. You know they got to Charlotte in two days and it took about a week, week-and-a-half for them to kind of settle into where they are supposed to be, their new homes and whatever fulfillment center they have to be in. And this kind of shows you of the first of the year kind of that’s when I believe when my books are kind of you know stopped shipping from amazon. You know they kind of settled in where they should be so that’s why I did this month to date thing, so since the first of the month to the 18th which it today, these are how many orders, this is how much sales I’ve made and average sales prices $18.54 which isn’t bad at all and the books included in here are all different types of books. They aren’t just technical books, they are everything; cook books, self-help books, how-to books and that’s another thing I want to go into with you guys is what type of books to get, what type of books to focus on, what books sell, what books don’t. So I’ll have a whole video or a couple of videos just dedicated to that for sure but again just wanted to show you kind of another dimension into the sales to see how I’m doing. And again I only started FBA on the 19th of December.

I’ve been doing merchants since the 11th of November, so it hasn’t even been you know a few months maybe since I started this. Imagine the possibilities, imagine if I just can keep up with things. My biggest fear is running an inventory. So I’m finding all these different channels to get inventory, these different resources, different sourcing areas to kind of keep the books coming in and I have a lot of information to explain to you guys and to tell you guys to kind of how I’ve done and it’s been pretty successful so I’m really excited to kind of show you guys that, but just wanted to show you this.

Alright guys, so there you have it. There’s some videos to show you kind of my sales and how I started and how and where I am now. Now as you can see there’s lots of potential, I just started this November 11, did merchant for about a month, got my feet wet, stopped for a week or so and then started out amazon FBA and I’ve been doing that since the 19th of December and it’s the 18 now so wow I just thought about that. It’s just about a month, since I’ve started Amazon FBA you can see how many sales that have generated. Around 2,000 or so and I have a lot more to go through, I have books piled up to scan and get shipping to amazon so I really appreciate you guys tuning in.

Again this is more of a pre-intro to kind of give you an idea of what is to come, you know expect a series of videos, expect just me helping you out and again hit the like button, put some comments in, what’s your thoughts are, if you have any videos or any questions that you want me to do or provide or create, let me know, I am here.

Again, my name is Lenny.  SimonSaysResell, so let’s get to it.